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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Enchanted Forest, Maine, United States of America
Mulan is a warrior from the Enchanted Forest. No one knows much about her past and she isn't talking. She is swore to protect Aurora and will go to great lengths to do just this.

She stands just slightly above average height and has the wiry build of a fencer or martial artist. Her eyes are brown. Her hair is a rich, dark brown and is well cared for. She is always in a fabulously decorated suit of leather armor, with her sword by her side.

Mulan's sword is more than it seems. It can deflect magic spells, hit incorporeal beings (Peter Pan's shadow for example) and never needs sharpening, nor will it even nick or break.

Mulan, as she appears here, is from ABC's Once Upon A Time and thus is the property of ABC Studios/Kitsus/Horowitz/et al. She appears here solely for happy fun times at [community profile] milliways_bar , from which no profit is expected or to be had.
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