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(Spoilers for Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, S1.03)

"And so we left with all the gold from the throne room as easy as can be, just as Will Scarlet had promised," Little John was saying as he paced about the campfire. They were one more days journal from Robin and so another night of stories was to be had and this time Mulan would know of WIll Scarlet. "Later that night, we set up camp a good distance from Maleficent's castle and set in for the night, not believing our luck. And of course, we should have know it was all too good ta be true. Just as we was dishin' out the stew, a horrible wind rose and a deafening voice commanded we return what was stolen. We was all shakin' in our boots but not Robin he was yellin' about how the gold was to help poor folk. Then the voice replied back that it didn't care about the gold but the enchanted item that was stolen was to be returned to her or dire things would occur before the wind died down and the voice grew quiet.

"Robin turned to us then, demandin' to know who stole from the castle. Who risked all our lives for somethin' personal but no one spoke up."

"The next morning WIll was gone and Robin was quiet, didn't say a word all morning. I don't think I'd be lyn' to say we all looked up to Will. He would steal the horns off a demon, he'd steal the rings from a king's hand as he kissed it but we never thought he'd turn on us. We was wrong and that why you never heard his name before. I never shoulda said it in the first place and I beg ya to never say it to Robinhood. If you do, you'll have more than me to answer to."
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