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Character: Mulan, Once Upon A Time
Character Journal: woman_of_valor

Mulan is a warrior first and a philosopher second, as her father trained her to be. She is skilled with both the sword and bow, as well as unarmed combat. She is stoic and often reserved, though a more valiant and true friend you cannot find. Despite her reserve, or perhaps because of it, she can surprise you with her keen insight; whether in combat, life or love. She strives for perfect form and grace, in action, thought and deed, both in battle and if life. She has a sense of humor, though it is subtle, and is a good soldier. She is a knight errant who travels with those who need her aid but knows she has yet to find her home. She found true love but let it go.

Mulan's history is vague but what is know is that she once fought in the Emperor's army which seems to have been a unique or rare thing for her culture; most soldiers and warriors seem to be men. She has had interactions with several other well known denizens of the Enchanted Forest and completed several quests until she met Prince Philip and joined him in his quest to free his true love from a sleeping curse. They succeeded but roused a dreadful wraith that claimed Philip's soul. Mulan promised to guard Aurora out of respect for Philip and her own sense if duty to those weaker than herself.

Several more quests later and Mulan and Aurora were able to free Philip's soul, thus reuniting the two. Unfortunately for Mulan, she discovered she loved Aurora. Rather than form a divide between the two, Mulan opted to leave and join Robinhood's band.

Mulan has been a headvoice I have had for a while now, since season 02 of Once Upon A Time but with most of the Once cast being in Season 01, I couldn't figure out how to bring her to Milliways without bending or breaking canon. Now I have figured out a means and so I wish to play her. She is awesome, a true knight. Noble, bold (unless it is in love), and fabulous, I have loved the story of Mulan since I first heard the poem and then saw the Disney movie. I love this version as there is so little known about her and so much room for head canon.

Mulan will be great for social threads, whether small talk or deep, philosophic discussions. I see her, and her Father's teachings, much like the samurai were, both warrior and poet/artist, and I hope to give her a chance to explore these things since doing them on the road is well-nigh impossible. She also has potential to lead OOMs as Robinhood attempts to rebuild the Enchanted Forest after the disaster of the Curse.


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