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Hello all! I've finally decided that I can bring Mulan into Milliways without breaking canon. Oddly enough, it's thanks to the Quite A Common Fairy episode but I wanted to open a dialog to make sure this works with other Once muns!

I hope to bring Mulan in after the aforementioned episode and I plan on her finding her way to Milliways via mists in the Enchanted Forest or perhaps a doorway within Rumple's castle since the Merry Men seem to have set up there. I realize the last might raise questions with Rumble's pre-curse knowledge of Milliways, so if Rumple mun would prefer I not have a doorway in his old castle, I'm find with Mulan just wandering in from the forest.

I am also imagining the post-Curse breaking Enchanted forest is in a state of being rebuilt. Crops have been unattended and thus have gone wild, Ogres wander about and what cities or villages were present are in serious disrepair. Not quite post-apocalypse, but it is not in the state it was in before the Curse. Robin Hood is leading the rebuilding effort with the help of the Merry Men.

As far as breaking canon (since most of you are still in season one I believe), I think as long as Mulan doesn't meet Emma, Snow or Neal within Bar nor hears or mentions them, we should be good. I, of course, am willing to alter any of this if you think it will cause problems.

Ok, off to add my name to the contact info. = ]

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